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Welcome to our innovative application designed to revolutionize the way development and operations teams interact with cloud-based infrastructures. Our application, focused on the creation and sharing of CI/CD pipelines and container-based infrastructure, is designed to facilitate automation and efficiency in the deployment of Laravel, node, python and any other similar technology projects in GitLab, GitHub, or Bitbucket environments.

Community Objective

Our main goal is to build an active and collaborative community where technology professionals can share, discuss and improve CI/CD pipelines and container-based infrastructure. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive innovation and efficiency in cloud operations.

What Does Our Application Offer?

The application allows users to create customizable and modular CI/CD pipelines using a dynamic form driven by a JSON file. This structure makes it easy for users to define and adjust their integration and continuous deployment processes, adapting to the specific needs of each project and team.


  • Advanced Customization: Through the use of Twig templates and dynamic form design, users can customize every aspect of their pipeline, from dependency management to deployment and automated testing.
  • Share and Contribute: Users can share their pipeline configurations and contribute to those of others, fostering an environment of learning and continuous improvement.
  • Adaptability and Scalability: The application is designed to adapt to various projects and cloud infrastructure scenarios, ensuring broad applicability and flexibility.
  • Community and Support: An integrated community platform to share knowledge, resolve doubts and collaborate in the improvement and expansion of the tool's capabilities.

Invitation to Collaboration

We encourage developers, DevOps engineers, and technology enthusiasts to join our community. Whether sharing your own pipelines, enhancing existing ones, or simply participating in discussions, every contribution is valuable to the collective growth and success of all.

Together, we can move into an era of smarter, more efficient automation in the cloud, benefiting projects of all sizes and industries. Welcome to our community and we look forward to your valuable contributions and active participation!