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Introduction to OpenSecDevOps.

· 2 min reading time
Rafael Otal Simal
Maintainer of OSDO
Antonio Juanilla
Maintainer of OSDO


In a world where application security is paramount, OpenSecDevOps emerges as a revolutionary project that aims to empower software development teams with open-source tools to strengthen the software development lifecycle (SDLC). With a focus on security and industry best practices compliance, OpenSecDevOps offers you the opportunity to transform your development process and ensure secure, scalable, and resilient software applications.

Why is OpenSecDevOps essential?

Security in software development is a constant challenge. Vulnerabilities can expose organizations to significant risks, from data loss to damage to their reputation. OpenSecDevOps focuses on addressing these challenges proactively, providing development teams with the necessary tools to enhance the security of their applications from the outset of the development process.

Key tools of OpenSecDevOps

At the heart of OpenSecDevOps are popular open-source tools that seamlessly integrate into your development workflow. Some of the highlighted tools include:

GitLab: For source code repository management and automation of build and deployment pipelines.

Harbor: A secure container registry solution that helps ensure the container images used are secure and free from vulnerabilities.

Defectojo: A vulnerability management platform that allows you to track vulnerabilities in your code and take corrective actions.

Benefits of OpenSecDevOps

Improved Security: By integrating these security tools into your SDLC, you can identify and address vulnerabilities from the outset, significantly reducing security risks.

Best Practices Compliance: OpenSecDevOps guides you to adhere to industry best practices, ensuring that your code and development processes align with security standards.

Resilient Applications: By addressing security from the outset, your applications will be more resilient to attacks and have a smaller attack surface.

Get Involved in OpenSecDevOps

OpenSecDevOps is not just a project; it's a community dedicated to strengthening security in software development. All the information and tools will be available at, allowing you not only to use them but also to contribute and enhance them. Furthermore, we will introduce an application that will facilitate the integration of these tools according to your specific needs.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your software development approach and strengthen your organization's security posture. Join OpenSecDevOps and discover how open-source tools can be your allies in building secure and reliable applications from the start. Security has never been this accessible and powerful. We're excited to have you on board!